Tobi, aka ray of light.

I’m a ray of light because I adapt to anything. I love to photograph lights and shadows in architecture, as well as in music concerts. Every time I’m amazed at how light adapts to the artist, stage, walls, windows. Its always inspiring because as it adapts, it becomes something new, unique. That represents growth for me.

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First things first, I am a SUPER music junkie.

I love music so much that I dj events I host with friends in my city.

I love music so much that I used my childhood piano lessons to produce 4 beat tapes (they're pretty fire if you think you have a rap career).

I love music so much that I make videos, with friends, based on songs I can feel in my bones.

I love music so much that I have to share it with everyone by curating thematic playlists.

Here's other things that add to my light ☀️

Picking up new things to learn in a heartbeat (I did some python scripting in 3D space to make this mesh network)
Photography (Concerts, Portraits)